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At Albasoft we have a wealth of experience in the development of bespoke software products primarily customised for use within the Healthcare Sector.

EScro is the next generation of in-practice software, created from a close working partnership with NHS Highland; it guides both GP’s and practice administrators in the requirements of the Service level agreements of Enhanced services.

Consultation tools alert the GP to required information and treatments for a successful claim, whereas practice managers receive full at-a-glance reports on practice performance and facilitates the maximum productivity and therefore the income of the practice.   All information is audited in-house prior to submission to the authority.  Regionally, the regular and detailed information from each practice allows a depth and quality of reporting that is invaluable to overall management and control.   

Systems independent, EScro provides the confidence in the administration to allow each practice to move to whichever clinical system is preferred without affecting either the financial reporting system or in practice reporting quality.     more...   

Web based Out of Hours management system:

Using the very latest .net technology, this product has been designed to ease the load on management and co-ordination of shifts and working patterns for doctors and dentists within the NHS Highlands & Islands area.

Users can view and request shifts over any internet connection, whilst administrators can manage accounts and have responsibility for the authorisation of requested shifts, creating an easy to access control centre for the largest area in NHS Scotland

Best use of technology and changing levels of connectivity have opened up new avenues for telemedicine. Videoconferencing can be installed at fractions of historical prices, and quality of connection over broadband allows links to be established from virtually anywhere.

specialise in completely scalable solutions, allowing a VC system to sit alongside the current network without impeding performance or security. Multi-site as well as point to point meetings can be established to permit group conferences, minimising the need for travel or delays for meeting arrangements.

Albasoft also work with Dan Medical to integrate remote blood pressure and ECG systems into patient records. Now it is possible for a patient in a remote site to have their 3 or 12 lead ECG monitored by a specialist in another area, and a conference between the GP and cardiologist can be established immediately to discuss the findings or action required. . 

For a demonstration of any of the above products, please e-mail:

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